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We provide a range of solutions to validate, enrich, check, fix and convert single and bulk payment information. We help you to stay compliant with existing and up and coming payment standards from your customer portal through to your back office

Payment Validation

Validate will help you submit payment details correctly first time saving you time and money whilst reducing the hassle of non payments, managing compliance and improving customer relationships

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Validate API

Payment File Management

Validate provides a range of solutions to check, Fix and Convert bulk payment information. Our solutions allow you to update to new SEPA and non - EU IBAN standards, Validate Data Manager bulk payment instructions and update your internal systems at your convenience.

Validate Data Manager

EBA Day 2017

"Providing easy to deploy, innovative and simple to use solutions is critical for us to keep our clients happy. Apply Financial deliver all these and we regard them as partners in our growth."

~ Nick England

"Apply Financial's Validate API solution helps us give our clients a seamless payment experience and keeps payment errors to a minimum"

~ Rupert Lee-Browne
CEO Caxton FX

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"We have made payment validation simple and reliable so you don't have to worry.

You wouldn't post an important business communication without validating the address and postcode so why risk sending an important payment without validating the payment instruction first."
~ Mark Bradbury,
CEO Apply Financial

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