Why do I need to validate my outgoing payment details?

Each year 100's of millions of pounds are wasted by organisations through out of date and incorrectly entered bank data. This not only creates costly exception management but can also impair your business relationships.

So how will Validate help my business?

Validate is designed to meet your payment data validation and enrichment needs, whether you are making a few payments or millions of payments. Validate enable you to verify, cleanse and enrich payment all of your payments.

What about the cost and time to do this for my organisation?

Validate is a cloud solution. It removes the need for expensive and time-consuming programming changes and operates within any stage of the payment from front office initiation through to back office enrichment and is an essential tool in cross-border transactions.

Will Validate help my organisation with payments legislation and compliance?

Validate has inbuilt rules and reference data provided by each country's governing body. These are updated in our cloud weekly by us. With Validate you will able to review and enrich all payments from bank name and local clearing codes to BIC's and IBAN's ensuring you are in compliance with domestic and international standards.

Does Validate cover all Global Payments?

With Validate you will be provided with all the information you need to Validate payments to any country around the globe, 24/7!

What about SEPA?

Validate provides essential information such as SEPA compliance and payment routing instructions including bank details and standard settlement instructions (SSIs). Not only can it check IBAN's it can also generate IBAN's at the click of a button!

How do I get my free trial?

Click on the button below, register and choose free trial from the list of options. You will be up and running in minutes for 1 months free trial.

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