Why do we need to convert to IBAN's?

The introduction of the SEPA and IBAN standards means that you must have all domestic and IBAN region account numbers in the new formats with the correct payment BIC.

When do I need to be compliant?

Companies and Financial Institutions must comply with the new SEPA regulations by February 1st 2014.

Why use Validate Converter?

Converting account numbers and matching the correct payment BIC is a time consuming manual process. Validate Converter can simply convert from a single account number to bulk files (in XLS, CSV and XML formats).

What happens after I have converted to the new IBAN standards?

We can help you stay up to date and compliant by using Validate and/or Validate API. Thus saving you time managing out of date payment information.

Are your purchase plans flexible to suit my organisations needs ?

You can use Validate Converter from as little as 100 successful conversions over a 12 month period up to millions of conversions.

How do I get my free trial?

Contact us using the button below and with a few short details for registration purposes we will have you up and running ready for your free 10 conversion.

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